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T.A.S.D. Courses

There are a number of different ways to learn through T.A.S.D.

Whether you are able to be flexible with your weekly schedule, if you are time-limited with a very inflexible schedule, if you live too far away to attend in person, or if you have some available time but not a lot and need some flexibility for independent studies; we may have the method of learning just for you.  Below we have listed with their descriptions the different methods of learning that T.A.S.D. will be offering.

The T.A.S.D. online learning will begin in September 2022.  We plan to be fully functioning online by January 2023.

We will be sending out as many as possible; emailed newsletters, text and Messenger messages, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Linkedin posts, and Alignable Posts to keep everyone up to date on what is new and what is current.

To be sure not to miss anything please check back here regularly.  Complete our guest book (Button provided above and below) so we may add you to our email list to receive our newsletters.  There will be early-bird registration specials such as reduced prices, gift cards (discounts for future courses) or T.A.S.D. products.  For the in-person courses, there may be an attendance limit depending on where the particular course is being taught.  We still have to abide by the health regulations of that particular area.  In this case, the earlier you register the better.  Besides early registration provides you with the assurance of knowing that there will be a guaranteed spot for you in the class.

This is an exciting time!  Check-in regularly, fill out our guest book, read through the course descriptions, select the course that best fits you, what fits the subjects you would like to study, and register early; the earlier the better and let's get on with it and do some learning!

We look forward to you becoming a part of the T.A.S.D. community, a part of the T.A.S.D. alumni and a very large part of the future of T.A.S.D. and what we can become.  We intend to be a reflection of you, our future!

Guest Book


Yes, we are teaching in person.  Over the past two years, everyone has come to the point of needing that interpersonal connection.  Especially people of who are spiritual in nature.  Our in-person classes are very interactive, come prepared to participate, interact (a lot!), learn by doing and have FUN.  The location for events will be determined as we go along.  If we find a location that fits best, we will try to stick with it.

Our first course is going to be Forest Bathing or what I also like to call Nature Immersion.

Our Second course will be Living Colour.

For more information please go to our in-person courses page to learn more.  

Both of these courses are a lot of fun.  You will need to come prepared to be busy so get a good night's sleep the night before.  Read what the courses entail, come prepared, come prepared to learn, come prepared to meet like-minded people, make new friends and come prepared to have FUN!  Did I say you would have fun?  


The T.A.S.D. On-Demand courses are all completely virtual and all materials are downloadable. The materials are in the following formats: .pdf, .mp3, .mp4, .doc and .jpg

All materials that come with your course are provided on your course page through this website. You would simply click on the button for each required item and the link will take you directly to what you are looking for. On-Demand courses are great for fitting into a busy schedule. You still have access to the private student community, you receive all the required course material but the freedom to work according to your schedule. Yes; there may be some slight differences for each course format due to the capabilities of the program set up but the educational value for any of the courses are all of the same quality, the same student support and you will continue to have access to your course material for one year. Some On-Demand courses may also have different package options with different package content. This however will not in any way affect the quality of your educational experience. During that time you are free to use the material as you need.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are the best of both worlds.  This format of learning is a combination of either in-person/virtual live attendance.  You experience meeting new like-minded people, you have the opportunity to share, ask real-time questions and receive real-time answers, and experience the energy of being in person.  The course materials are the same.  The educational content and benefits are still the same.  There are some courses that are just not compatible with being On-Demand as there are exercises and assignments that are required to be completed with other students.  The hybrid courses usually require homework assignments, journal submissions, and so forth.  Hybrid courses do provide a very different learning environment as everyone is in one collective space.    There are benefits to all different styles of learning.  T.A.S.D. has made sure that all courses offered in their available formats are the most beneficial formats for that particular subject and its required learning experience.

Combination Courses

Combination courses are just that.  These are courses that are a required combination of in-person/hybrid classes with required On-Demand work completion as well.  These courses may include assignments in groups with other students.  It may require independent homework based on provided videos or provided meditations.  To simplify the explanation of the T.A.S.A. Combined Courses think of the On-Demand and the in-person/hybrid live classes put together.  Once again all subjects are provided and presented in their most beneficial format.  They are in the most beneficial format for student participation, for the different ways that students may need to learn a specific subject and the method to deliver all required material to successfully complete the course being studied.