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How To Receive A Reading

     When booking a reading there are a few things to consider.

First, be prepared and arrive in a positive, open frame of mind.

Before arriving for your reading consider what you may want to ask of the medium or of Spirit.  Make sure you have your questions written down.

     You may record the reading on your phone should you choose or take notes at your end.  Due to the readings being virtual it is not possible to provide a CD recording of your reading.

     Be open to cooperating with Spirit and the medium as this is a three-way conversation.

     Arrive on time as late arrivals affect all other appointments of the day as well as the medium's preparation for your reading.  Any late time will be deducted from your scheduled reading time.

     When you are asked if you understand something be honest with the medium.  Say 'Yes', 'Not sure', 'May I have more information?'.  Please use your voice.  Confirmation of information delivered to you by Spirit by the medium is very important.

     If you or the medium feel that the connection is not linked it is up to you as the client and the medium to determine within the first 10 to 15 minutes if the reading needs to end.  

You may reschedule your appointment or if it is better for you, book with another medium.  This happens occasionally, although not very often but it does, so be kindly honest with yourself and the medium.

     Readings are supposed to be uplifting, inspiring, enlightening and healing.  You are supposed to leave feeling better than when you first arrived for your appointment.  So, be honest.

     The reading you receive is not written in stone, it is as things are seen by Spirit or the Psychic at that particular moment.  Due to free will you are free to change the result on your path should you choose to.  

     Professionally mediums cannot and should not give information pertaining to medical diagnosis or information, legal advice, numbers for personal gain, or advice of employment.

     Be fair in your expectations of the medium in the aspect of evidence expected as in; licence plate numbers, nic names, secret code words, etc.  The medium can only deliver what Spirit feels is important to what your needs are.