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Spiritual Advisement

Tammarishka's presentation of Spirit message is compassionate, non-judgmental, non-intimidating and comfortable. She is honest and to the point. Tammarishka provides messages just as it is brought forward by Spirit due to her belief that the messages received by her are not hers to keep; they belong to the client. Tammarishka will not provide information on death or medical situations. She does not provide advice on legal or business matters nor does she provide real estate advice. She also does not provide numbers for personal gain. She simply believes some things in life are to be left to the Divine powers that be, Natural Law, for the client to simply experience and practice their own free will.   Tammarishka works with the highest ethics and standards. As she had promised in her Ministerial Ordination vows, she works with the intention of providing healing through message with compassion, confidentiality and active listening. It is very important to Tammarishka the professionalism, compassion and respect to those both living and in spirit are maintained.

To book an appointment with Tammarishka or if you have any services questions, please use the "Contact" form on this website found at the top of this page under the "Contact" page tab.

Services Provided by Tammarishka

Psychic and Mediumship Readings (Private or for groups)

Energy Balancing

Assistance in missing person(s) cases

Workshops in Spiritual Development, Psychic and Mediumship Development, Energy Healing, etc..

Private Mentoring for children, teens & adults

Public speaking on Mediumship, spiritual advisement, Spiritual, Inspirational and Motivational topics

Public open-air and indoor Spirit message presentation

Spiritualist Church lectures and platform message service

Spiritualist Churches Fundraising Events

If there is a service you are interested in or do not see listed here, please feel free to contact Tammarishka at the contact information provided on our "Contact" page of this website