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Readings Autumn 2022!

Tammarishka will not be working this summer it is vacation time!

The Ontario office will reopen 

Readings are now being booked for fall 2022!

To book a reading take a look at Tammarishka's Sign Up Genius Calendar by clicking on the button above.

Please keep in mind that there is normally a 2-month waiting list for reading appointments.

Psychic, Mediumship & Hybrid

What's the difference?


What is the difference between Psychic and Mediumship?  

This is the forever, constant question I am often asked.  This is what I tell my students.

Think of the word "physical" and "psychic"...what do they have in common?  There is the "psy" combination which reminds me of the energy being read is physical.  It is the physical energy, the aura, the life, career, love, relationships, finances, etc. of the physical life that are essentially addressed in a Psychic reading.


What is the difference between Mediumship and Psychic? 

I know, same question but backwards, right??

This is a very commonly asked question just as much as "What is a Mediumship readings?"

Think of the work "Medium", it means essential half way or in the middle...right???  

Well, the Medium who provides Mediumship is in the middle, in between (Med=Mid) the physical world and the Spirit world.  The Mediums is essentially in between the client and the Spirit to be the chain link connection.  Mediumship readings are essentially regarding the Spirit connection and the communication from Spirit.  They often say that Mediums spend their lives with one foot on Spirit Side and the other foot in the physical; half here and half there.


Okay, so this is kind of a new one for many people; "What the heck is a hybrid readings???"

Hybrid is half and half, or "of two" just like a hybrid car.  So; a Hybrid reading is part Psychic and part Mediumship.  It is a combination reading.

A Hybrid reading is the most popular as people  experience and receive the reassurance of knowing their loved one are still around them supporting them while they also have their current life being addressed.