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Share The Gift

"With Professionalism, Compassion & Respect to Those Both Living and In Spirit"

Sharing the gift is one of the greatest pleasures we have as mediums.  As the motto for Tammarishka & T.A.S.D. states everything we do must be done with "Professionalism, Compassion and Respect For Those Both Living and In Spirit".  

Whether you are a medium who presents messages in a private setting, for Spiritualist churches/organizations, while attending a public location for the demonstration of mediumship; there are certain protocols and etiquette to follow and no matter where you go there are similarities and there are differences.  You may go from one Spiritualist church to another in the same Canadian province or in one American state to another and there can be a wide range of differences in what their expectations are of the presenting mediums.

When you are presenting mediumship for any Spiritualist camp, church or organization; mediumship in any form is a religious practice.  It is a part of Spiritualism that must always bring a sense of comfort, upliftment and enlightenment through the confirmation of the continuation of the soul and its personality.  Whether you are in a public setting or private of any kind the recipients must always feel better after experiencing a reading with their chosen medium than when they first arrived.  This is also applicable in all public forums.

There is a certain professional style that is expected to be adhered to when sharing our gifts that should also be experienced by the recipient of the messages you deliver.  There is a skill, or a practice if you will in how you use your vocabulary, mannerisms, voice projection, facing those in attendance, keeping the attention of everyone there, appropriate attire and the sanctity of the communication with spirit, respect for the religious environment within all locations, especially of Spiritualism.

If you are planning on either developing your confidence in the practice of mediumship with the Spiritualist church environment or in public demonstration whether Spiritual or not this is a very useful course to take.  It will teach you about the unspoken and often untaught 'way' of being a medium sharing their gift.


May 7 & 14

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST

1:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. UK

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$ 150 CDN

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