What is expected of you as a mentoring student?

To be able to fully participate in any of the mentoring packages from Tammarishka you will be required to assure that you are prepared with the following:

a true honest commitment to work 

attention to detail and completion of ALL homework

A computer / laptop

Access to a printer

Understanding of how to link into a Zoom meeting link



An email address

Basic Group Mentoring Package #1

  • 6 Group Sessions via Zoom
  • 3 Months
  • 2 Sessions per month with Tammarishka 
  • Contact Tammarishka for prices

Group Mentoring Package #2

  • 3 Group sessions via Zoom
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Group mentoring session every 2 months (3 group sessions)
  • 6 Individual Sessions via Zoom
  • 1 One on One session every month
  • For price information contact Tammarishka

Individual Mentoring Package #3

  • 12 Individual sessions via Zoom
  • 6 Months
  • 2 One on One sessions per month (12 sessions in total) with Tammarishka
  • On-call assistance during regular business hours

Session Topics Included Are:

Personal questionnaire

Regular homework

Required readings and feedback forms for submission

Regular meditation




Homework review

Lock the Link workshop condensed

The Blend / Through Spirit's Eyes techniques

Natural Law / Law of Attraction

Evidential Mediumship

B4 Now Spirit connection

Once one of the above packages has been completed as a pre-requisite, there may be a subsequent more further in-depth tailored package created to follow specifically any further needs you may need to be addressed i.e. platform mediumship, evidential mediumship, how to get out of your mind, message delivery etc.

For more information and pricing contact Tammarishka.