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In Person TASD Courses

You have come to the right place for in person courses!

We plan to have a very interesting line up of courses for 2023.

Welcome from Tammarishka

Forest Bathing

In-Person Class

Sat Nov 12

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

TBD The location will be decided once we know where everyone is coming from.

On The Trail Day

Sun Nov 13

Trail TBD 

The forest trail will be determined depending on where all students are coming from to make the meeting in one place easier for everyone

Thurs Nov 10 is the registration deadline.

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Forest Bathing 

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This course is a one-day in-person instruction and then a one-day on the trail.  The one-day instruction will cover the philosophy, practical and important knowledge of doing Forest Bathing.  Also, we will cover how you may implement self-care beyond the actual simple Forest Bathing.  We will also cover safety, equipment, clothing, and how far do you want to take this?  

During the in-person trail day, we will put into practice everything that we covered in class.  You will have an opportunity to have your own experiences and find what works for you.  The trail day will be a very full and long day so please come prepared.  

When you sign up you will receive a few documents that are very important for your review.  You will need to complete the forms and documents to be able to participate in this program.  

This is intended to be not only an amazing course but an absolutely wonderful experience and I look forward to you joining us on the trail!

In Living Colour

Hybrid Class

In Person &

Zoomed in international students

Absolutely no art experience is needed, actually, no art experience is great for this course!

Sun Dec 11

8:30 am-5:00 pm

Location TBD

The location is to be determined to see where everyone is coming from.  Then a location will be selected to accommodate travelling.

This course is very interactive and fun course.  You will learn a lot about yourself and will learn how to learn about others.  This is also an excellent Psychic and Mediumship tool.

Thurs Nov 10 is the registration deadline.

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Forest Bathing 

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We will cover the meaning of colour, how to use colour, what is the difference between doodling and drawing and why is doodling so impacting.

We will cover the meaning of what is in doodles, and how the different colours along with the different uses of pressure have great meaning. There are repetitive patterns, reasons for what is within a drawing or doodle, where it is on the page, whether are there any repetitive patterns, and avoidance of including certain elements within what is doodles or drawn. The list goes on and it is a lot of fun!

You will receive a TASD materials book with all the material you will need to participate in the class. You will need a method of taking notes, premade doodles and drawings by not only yourself but by children, by other adults. You will need a collection so you will be able to pick and choose which ones to "read". You will also need either crayons or colour pencils (markers and pens are not recommended and are discouraged). Blank paper to draw/doodle on. There is no erasing allowed when drawing/doodling.