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Spiritual Academy

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Compassion and Respect

The Oaks

Your Home Away From Home


Code of Ethics

1. Be respectful and compassionate at all times.

2. Always be aware of what you say and do, you are carrying your client’s, students’, teachers’, and colleagues’ well-being in your hands.

3. Respect your gift. It is a gift from God.

4. Always remember it is an honour and a privilege to serve Spirit and your client.

5. Be professional and show respect towards the gifts of other psychics, mediums, and healers.

6. Work with integrity in all that you do.

7. Be authentic and always stand in your truth.

8. Always close your readings leaving your client with hope and the knowledge of the continuous existence of the soul.

9. Awareness of your thoughts, words and deeds is always of the utmost importance.

10. NEVER discriminate for any reason.

11. TRUST in your connection with Spirit allowing Spirit to provide the message not your client.

12. NEVER tell a client what they want to hear.

13. Researching clients prior to a reading is a school infraction and will result in expulsion.

14. Never allow your ego or opinions to become involved when providing a reading.

15. If a connection is not made, close the reading and refund your client their money.

16. Always thank Spirit and your client for the opportunity to provide a message for them.

17. Always obtain written permission from clients or those being discussed or written about, when sharing a personal story, video, audio recording or a picture belonging to someone else no matter the venue in which the information was obtained.

Welcome TASD Students!

Please complete the below forms.

Click on each button for each specific required student form.

These forms must be completed as part of your registration process.

To be able to attend your chosen program all the below forms must be completed, uploaded onto your student board and available for the TASD office to make sure all has been done.

Once you have completed your forms, upload them onto your private student board for the TASD office to retrieve them.

TASD Code of Ethics

Student Responsibilities and To Achieve


Release Form

Agreement Not To Sell or Distribute

Agreement Not To Teach or Use In Replica

Agreement Not To Divulge Privileged Information

Agreement Not To Discuss Student Agreements