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Please read the below Provincial Ontario Covid19 Protocol for Businesses of Services


Due to the precautions that must take place to prevent the spread of Covid19 and the health standards set by the Province of Ontario the following are the protocol we are following.

Double Vaccinated

 At the time of booking, you must provide either a copy of your Province of Ontario QR or a copy of your 2nd vaccination certificate.

A mask must be worn during your indoor, in-person appointment.


(Or not double)

At the time of booking, you must inform our Booking Coordinator that you are not vaccinated or not double vaccinated.

These readings will take place virtually by a Zoom link provided upon booking

Your reading will not be in person.

This will not affect the quality of your reading as Tammarishka connects directly to Spirit, not to the client.

You will receive all the same services in either format of reading.

In-person or virtually all readings will be served the same and be treated with the same professionalism, compassion and respect.

Psychic or Mediumship

Instructions on Booking

To book an appointment we ask that you do the following:

  1. Please keep in mind that all readings are sacred.  Mediumship readings are a part of the religion of Spiritualism and therefore must be respected in such a manner.  Tammarishka is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister and holds the sanctity of readings very important and will only conduct them with this sanctity and professionalism involved.  
  2. If you would like to book a reading regarding a recent loss; readings are not provided before a minimum of 6 months since the loss has taken place.  This is for the client's own well-being and healing process emotionally and psychologically.
  3. Bookings for other people are not accepted but gift certificates are available for purchasing.  This is due to multiple factors; the sanctity of mediumship readings,  whether the client is open to a reading, are they emotionally able to handle a reading if they are in the grieving process, and it is not the "cool unusual gift to give".  It has to be something the recipient clearly wants and is open to.  Through the booking process the reading recipient is also setting their intention regarding their experience which is very important.
  4. Go to our Psychic or Mediumship Button above.  
  5. Read the disclaimer available at the Disclaimer Button below.
  6. Click on the Booking Button below.  It will bring you to a contact form.  Inform Sheyna whether you would like a Psychic, Mediumship, Hybrid reading or Gift Certificate.
  7. Please be aware that normally there is a two to three month booking waiting list for Tammarishka.  If you would like an appointment sooner than your offered available date, you may request to be put onto the "Waiting List".  When communicating with our Booking Coordinator please let her know.


Please click the button below to read before booking any reading appointments

Tammarishka Disclaimer


Click the button below to book your appointment.

Booking Coordinator Sheyna

Make The Most of Your Reading

After or before booking click on the button below to make the most of your reading experience.

Receiving A Reading