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Rev. Tammarishka Kerman is one of three founding ministers of The Healing Spirit Congregation in Georgetown ON Canada which is the first Spiritualist congregation in Halton Hills. The Healing Spirit is a growing Spiritualist community of Healing, Fellowship and Learning.

Spirituality has always been a very important and strong element of Rev. Tammarishka's life. Being an Ordained Minister by the Fellowships of the Spirit and an Ordained Minister of the Spiritualist Church of Canada Rev. Tammarishka received a well rounded education in Spiritualism and the work she does. Since the age of six she had a clear connection with Spirit and began providing message.

Tammarishka studied with well known Reverend Elaine Thomas, a long time Reverend and Registered Medium in Lily Dale NY. Reverend Elaine Thomas a Spiritual Counselor and Medium for 42 years, and a Registered Medium in Lily Dale, through the Lily Dale Assembly for 37 years. Elaine is the founder of the Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy which is a learning centre and seminary of Spiritualism, Spiritual healing and Spiritual Advisement. Also the founder of the Fellowships of the Spirit Spiritualist church.

Tammarishka also studied with world renowned Lisa Williams from Redditch, England, who starred in the hit TV Show, 'Life Among The Dead', and 'Voices From The Other Side' with Lifetime TV. Now these shows and 'Lisa Williams Live' all of which are playing all over the world. Lisa works from her office and centre in New York State, USA connecting those from this world to the next, giving private readings, guidance and insight from the world of Spirit and bringing comfort and healing to those who are grieving. She tours North America and Europe, giving messages from Spirit and teaching Spiritual Development Classes throughout the world. Lisa launched her own network of gifted advisers which Tammarishka is a certified Psychic Medium, through Soul Connections, Lisa’s own development school - the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development or LWISSD. Lisa has become an inspiration and mentor to many.

Rev. Tammarishka works with the highest ethics and standards. As she had promised in her Ordination vows, she works with the intention of providing healing through message with compassion, confidentiality and active listening. It is very important to Rev. Tammarishka the professionalism, compassion and respect to those both living and in spirit.

Rev. Tammarishka officiates at weddings and funeral services. She also provides Spiritual Advisement. Tammarishka teaches multiple subjects in the field of Spiritualism for adult continued education. The subjects covered in her programs cover the basic principles of Spiritualism, Universal laws, religion and philosophy of Spiritualism.

In her prior education, Tammarishka attended Sheridan College, Davis Campus achieving a diploma as an Administrative Assistant, Executive and Marketing Major in September 25, 1995. Currently she is studying French to apply the use of a second language to her ministerial career. Rev. Tammarishka Kerman will be a forever student of Spiritualism.