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Oscar's Special October Events

October we will be offering 

Paranormal Evidence 


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Paranormal Evidence readings are readings that take place with multiple paranormal investigation equipment placed in the reading room.

All equipment will be placed in multiple locations within the room.  Clients who are in doubt may go up to the equipment, check it, and be assured that everything is genuine.

These readings will be 30 minutes and $100 per session.  There may be only one attendant per session.  Please no double bookings.

You may record the readings yourself on your phone.  Readings will be video recorded but not focused on the client to maintain client anonymity.

This is an opportunity for clients to experience not only a reading but physical evidence of spirit and also to see what happens during paranormal investigations.


Before Signing UP please read the Very Important Information below.  There will be no refunds once signed up due to not knowing what to expect.

Early Bird Special

Book before October 23rd 


Pay only $50!

For either date 

October 30 & Oct 31

AFTER October 23

$75 per person

Click the Green Sign Up button below to register for the October 30th Seance

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October 30th 

Beginning SHARP: 8:00 pm 

Ending approximately 11:00 pm.  

There are no time guarantees as Spirit doesn't work well with time.  It is always on their schedule.

Click the Orange Sign Up button below to register for the October 31st Seance

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October 31st 

Beginning SHARP: 9:00 pm 

Ending approximately 12:00 pm.  

There are no time guarantees as Spirit doesn't work well with time.  It is always on their schedule.

Very Important Information

Read the information below regarding event details.

No refunds will be issued due to not knowing what to expect from this event.

The seance on the 31st is at 9:00 pm and may end at approximately 12:00am.  As mentioned above there is no definite guaranteed ending time as Spirit doesn't go by time, it is a physical realm form of measurement.

Some of the techniques and equipment used will be mediumship, intuitive tarot cards, automatic writing, pendulum, dowsing rods, different pieces of paranormal equipment, clear and violet lense camcording, DVP / audio recording, vibration, motion infrared sensitive items.

For both seances, if you would like to bring something that belonged to a loved one (size within reason), please feel free to bring it to place on the table where we will be in the circle.  Do keep in mind it does not only have to be an item special to you but also one that had great meaning to your loved one in spirit.

There will be no personal "readings" as this is a group event but there will be mediumship involved.  It is all about the experience and raising money for Sir Oscar.  

Messages from Spirit will be given but not everyone is guaranteed personal reading type message.  This experience is not to receive 'readings' it is to experience the contact, communication and presence of Spirit and the physical realm within our space during the evening.

Must Know Information

Arrival for the event is no later than 15 minutes before.

Arrival may be up to 30 minutes prior to the start.

We will have coffee, tea and water available prior to the seance starting.

We will start on time.

Once we begin the door will be closed and the doorbell turned off to avoid any interruptions during the evening.

Masks are not required for the event so if you feel unwell in any way please stay home and provide yourself with some TLC.

The less sick, the merrier.

If you choose to wear a mask, no judgment at all.

It's more important that you feel comfortable.

We also ask that everyone who attends be double vaccinated minimum as we do have immune-compromised people attending.

We will be in the semi-dark and will be sitting fairly closely.

We do ask you to complete the attached liability waiver attached below.

Upon your arrival please give it to Tammarishka.

If you arrive without your signed liability waiver, you will not be able to participate in the evening.

TASD Courses

Tammarishka Events

Contact Tammarishka

Tammarishka & T.A.S.D.

New TASD Courses Begin 

October 31st!

October 31st Courses

Click Here!


New TASD Courses Be Uploaded 

October 31st!

Hello and welcome to the T.A.S.D. website!

T.A.S.D. is Tammarishka's (The) Academy for Spiritual Development.  

We are very excited and proud to announce and offer a new hybrid (in-person and virtual together) international school.  Our academy is dedicated to all that is spiritual and personal in development, learning and embracing who you truly are as an authentic individual.

All courses are taught at accommodating times for Canadian, American and U.K. students to participate.  Full-day courses are usually 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM ET on the weekends.  Half-day courses/workshops are taught on the weekends as well at internationally accommodating times.

All courses, meditation circle love offerings and gift certificate sales will be in support of Sir Oscar's GoFundMe campaign.

Keep in mind

You are not just purchasing a course

You are purchasing an education for your future

You are experiencing an important part of your spiritual journey.

Dog spelled backwards is God💗