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The Oaks

Hotel & Spiritual Academy

The Oaks Spiritual Academy

Director of Operations

Directing Minister

Director of Finance

Director of Business

Director of Property Management

Explore   Learn   Grow

An Idea Is Born

"Build it and they will come..."

Intention Law of Attraction...In Action

The Motto of TOSA is Explore  Learn  Grow

be open-minded, try new things, and you will grow.

This motto and our intention set for TOSA is to set your intention, see your intention, experience your intention with all your senses and live it while putting it into reality and what you intend will come to be...Law of Attraction.  All dreams will come to be reality.

We had and still have a dream, we listened to Spirit.  This was and is a Spirit-inspired dream that has come to be, and because of this, our motto was created.



A Happy New Year 


New Beginnings!!!

Tammarishka is excited to announce that our school has been renamed The Oaks Spiritual Academy and we now have a permanent physical location!

Our new location called The Oaks is a 10,000 sq ft mini castle located in Jamestown New York. It contains all you could need for an educational home base.

The Oaks will be offering the following services and much more:

  • Permanent in-person classes
  • Hybrid classes
  • Regular classes will be available in accommodation to the Canadian, U.K. and New York time zones
  • Full suite accommodations on site
  • Continental breakfast
  • Lunches pre-ordered
  • Conference room size hybrid classroom with surrounding windows lighting the room with natural daylight
  • All digital & AV equipment required for hybrid classes and in-class & corporate event presentations
  • Private courtyard for social time, quiet time, relaxing and for an evening around an open fire roasting marshmallows and enjoying hot chocolate
  • Ministerial services on site
  • Wedding ceremony and reception venue
  • Hiking retreats
  • Spiritual retreats
  • Corporate morale and training weekends
  • Pet (dog & cat) friendly environment
  • Pet welcome & stay packages for all pets
  • Outdoor off-leash doggie play area
  • Free Wifi
  • Printers, charging cables, pamper baskets, etc.
  • Soundproof meditation room with waterfall
  • Two outdoor patios
  • Private courtyard

If there is something you need and we have missed it, there is always a growing phase. Let us know!

We are more than happy to accommodate you as our motto is "This is your home away from home"

Our academy, The Oaks Spiritual Academy, is catered to Spiritual, multi-faith and self-care programs.

There will be extended certification programs as well as weekend workshops, and quick classes.

If there is a program, workshop or quick class you are interested in and you know of a few people who are interested as well, please reach out to us through our Contact on this website and either Tammarishka or our support team will contact you as soon as possible. Your feedback is important to us so please rest assured we will get back to your as quickly as we can.

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1103 W 3RD Street

Jamestown NY


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