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Tammarishka & T.A.S.D.

New TASD Courses Begin Soon!

Readings are being booked for February 2023

To book a reading please use the Contact Form on this website.

Click the Contact Us Form button below to request a reading.

Please include a few dates and times that work for your schedule.

In-Person and Virtual Readings are available.

In-Person readings are in Tammarishka's office in Cambridge Ontario.

Virtual readings are conducted via Zoom.

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Hello and welcome to the T.A.S.D. website!

T.A.S.D. is Tammarishka's (The) Academy for Spiritual Development.  

We are very excited and proud to announce and offer a new hybrid (in-person and virtual together) international school.  Our academy is dedicated to all that is spiritual and personal in development, learning and embracing who you truly are as an authentic individual.

Almost all courses are taught at accommodating times for Canadian, American and U.K. students to participate.  Full-day courses are usually 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM ET on the weekends.  Half-day courses/workshops are taught on the weekends as well at internationally accommodating times.

Dog spelled backwards is God💗